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Swift Lite Charcoal 40 mm (1 roll- 10 Pc) For burning herbal and resin incense !


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Introducing Swift Lite Charcoal Discs, the ideal solution for burning herbal and resin incense with ease. Each roll contains 10 high-quality 40mm charcoal tablets that are designed for a fulfilling and optimal burning experience.

One of the key features of Swift Lite Charcoal Discs is their sourcing from fruit trees, particularly apple trees, guaranteeing the finest quality charcoal powder. These charcoal discs are specifically created for burning dried herbs, resins, and incense powder, making them an essential tool for meditation, spiritual rituals, and cleansing environments.

  • Swift Lite Charcoal Discs are made from fruit trees, ensuring the highest quality
  • Perfect for burning dried herbs, resin, and incense powder

Using Swift Lite Charcoal Discs is simple. To achieve longer burn times and ensure proper lighting, it is recommended to store the opened rolls in a cool, dry place. Before placing the charcoal disc on a heat-resistant surface, such as a ceramic coaster or tile, fill your charcoal burner with sand or rocks to absorb some of the heat.

For optimal results, it is recommended to crush dry herbs and resin before placing them on the hot charcoal. With just a small amount, the fragrance of the incense will be released, allowing you to enjoy a soothing aroma throughout your space.

Caution is crucial when using Swift Lite Charcoal Discs. Keep them out of reach of children and pets, and never attempt to touch or move the charcoal disc or the burner while hot. Ensure proper air ventilation in the room and do not leave burning charcoal or incense unattended.

Experience the convenience and quality of Swift Lite Charcoal Discs for yourself. Enhance your meditation sessions, create a serene environment, or embark on a spiritual journey with the help of these essential burning tools.


Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use Swift Lite Charcoal:

  1. Preparation: Find a safe and well-ventilated area to use the charcoal disc. Use a heat-resistant surface, such as a censer, incense burner, or charcoal holder. Keep in mind that the charcoal becomes extremely hot during the burning process.

  2. Gather Your Supplies: You'll need Swift Lite Charcoal discs, your choice of resin, herbs, or incense, a lighter or match, tongs, and a fireproof container like a censer.

  3. Handle with Care: Use tongs to handle the charcoal discs. They can cause burns if touched with bare hands while they're lit or immediately after burning.

  4. Ignite the Charcoal: Hold the charcoal disc with the tongs and ignite it using a lighter or match. Light it from the edge. It will start to spark and crackle as it ignites. Let it burn for a few seconds until it's evenly glowing red.

  5. Wait for Ash Formation: Place the ignited charcoal disc in your fireproof container. Wait for a thin layer of white ash to form on the surface. This indicates that the charcoal is ready for your aromatic materials.

  6. Add Aromatic Materials: Once the charcoal is covered with white ash, carefully place a small amount of your chosen resin, herbs, or incense directly onto the charcoal. The heat will release the fragrance and create aromatic smoke.

  7. Enjoy the Aroma: As the aromatic material heats up, it will release fragrant smoke. Enjoy the soothing and aromatic ambiance it creates.

  8. Safety First: Always keep an eye on the burning charcoal and aromatic materials. Remember that the charcoal remains hot for an extended period after it has burned out. Allow the charcoal to cool completely before disposing of it.

  9. Extinguish Properly: When you're finished using the charcoal, allow it to burn out completely in a safe place. You can use tongs to carefully place it in a heatproof container with sand or water to ensure it's fully extinguished.

Remember that using Swift Lite Charcoal involves high heat, so exercise caution and prioritize safety throughout the process. Enjoy the captivating scents and peaceful atmosphere created by your chosen aromatic materials and Swift Lite Charcoal.

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Gerri Schaden
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Paula Ondricka
Thanks so very much! Great quality & great...

Thanks so very much!
Great quality & great prices!

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Appreciative of this shop and its supplies...

Appreciative of this shop and its supplies!

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