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Crystal Beads Necklace /Healing Jewelry /Protection Crystals


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Introducing our stunning Crystal Beads Necklace, a must-have piece of healing jewelry that exudes elegance and offers powerful protection. Elevate your style while harnessing the positive energies of these exquisite crystals.

  • Experience enhanced communication and spiritual growth with Opalite. Its subtle yet highly energetic properties are perfect for meditation, clearing energy blockages, and assisting in transitions.
  • Achieve mental clarity and dissolve fear with Tiger Eye. This powerful crystal focuses the mind, stabilizes mood swings, and instills self-confidence, courage, and purpose.

Amethyst, the ultimate relaxation stone, offers a spa-like experience. Let its soothing energy relieve stress and promote restful sleep. Unlock your innate wisdom with Amethyst's connection to the third eye and crown chakras.

Embrace the power of unconditional love with Rose Quartz. This gentle crystal promotes forgiveness, compassion, and harmony in relationships. Open your heart, reduce stress, and attract loving energies to your life.

Find emotional calm and well-being with Green Aventurine. This versatile crystal settles nausea, dissolves negativity, and strengthens eyesight. Experience overall healing for your mind, body, and spirit.

Step into the protective embrace of Mother of Pearl. Derived from the sea, this stress-relieving stone soothes and calms emotions. Enhance your intuition, imagination, and adaptability while achieving clarity in decision making.

  • Experience enhanced meditation and spiritual growth
  • Boost confidence, clarity, and focus on your goals

Each crystal bead pendant is thoughtfully crafted and comes with a stylish cord, making it easy to wear or gift to a loved one. Enhance your spiritual journey and embrace the powerful energies of these mesmerizing crystals.

Please note that the gemstone properties and spiritual meanings provided are for informational purposes only and do not substitute for medical care. Seek professional help for physical or mental illnesses.

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Keryna Schuster
Simple, great value. Wearing daily as I wo...

Simple, great value. Wearing daily as I work on my intention to generate more self-love. Might eventually switch the pendant to a silver chain but works great for now.

Melissa Weimann
My order was packed really nicely and only...

My order was packed really nicely and only took 5 days to get delivered to me! The jewelry is all so beautiful and each comes individually packaged. Thank you so much!

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