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Welcome to our collection of Evil Eye Bracelets, where ancient protection meets contemporary style. Our Clear Quartz Evil Eye Bracelet is meticulously crafted to bring you a sense of balance and serenity with its powerful combination of clear quartz and the revered evil eye symbol.

Clear quartz, also known as the "master crystal," is a stone of amplification and purification. It has the remarkable ability to enhance energy and clarity of thought, protecting you against negativity that may come your way. With our Clear Quartz Evil Eye Bracelet, you can confidently navigate through life with renewed focus and positive vibes.

Key Features:

  • Powerful Protection: Embedded with the ancient evil eye symbol, this bracelet acts as a talisman, safeguarding you from negative energies and warding off any ill intentions.
  • Amplify Your Aura: Clear quartz amplifies your energy, elevating your aura to its highest potential. Feel the surge of positive vibrations as you wear this stunning bracelet.

Each Clear Quartz Evil Eye Bracelet is packed with care and attention to detail by our team at My Magic Place Shop (Maria I). To add a touch of elegance, we include an organza gift pouch, perfect for surprising your loved ones or treating yourself.

This bracelet is not only a statement piece of jewelry but also a powerful tool for protection and positive energy. Let it accompany you on your journey towards harmony and well-being.

Join our community at @maryismagicplace, where we share exclusive flash sale events, discount codes, inspirational content, and sneak peeks at new arrivals. Explore the enchantment of our Clear Quartz Evil Eye Bracelet and experience the magic it brings to your life.

Thank you for choosing our Evil Eye Jewelry collection - where protection meets style.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
This bracelet is so much prettier in perso...

This bracelet is so much prettier in person—it's gorgeous!

Thank you so very much!

Thank you so very much!

Well made & super cute! Love all the choic...

Well made & super cute! Love all the choices! 👻🎃🤩