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Introducing our enchanting Altar Witch Box, a mystical treasure box adorned with a powerful pentagram, each point embellished with the representation of the five elements. This meticulously designed box is a sanctuary for any practitioner of the craft, providing a sacred space for rituals, spells, and manifestations.

The Box Contains :

♥ 3 Ceramic Candle Holders
♥ 1 Pentagram with Crystal Talisman
♥3 Empty Small Glass Bottles
♥ 10 Incense Cones: Nag Champa
♥ 1 Small Zodiac Holder
♥ 1 Small Jericho Flower
♥ Pentagram Wind Chime
♥ 1 Pentagram Necklace
♥ 1 Ceramic Bottle Necklace
♥ 6 Crystals Tumbled
♥ 1 Amethyst Pendulum
♥ 2 Soy Tealight Candles
♥ 3 Small Herb Bags (approximately 6 oz)
Rose Petals
Bay Leaves
♥ 8 Chime Candles (five inches - different colors)

Step into the realm of magic with the Altar Witch Box – a harmonious blend of craftsmanship and spirituality. Uncover the power of the elements and infuse your magical practice with intention, love, and enchantment. Embrace the mystique that awaits within this captivating box, and let your magical journey unfold.

It will come nicely packaged for you and shipped via USPS.

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