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Candle Color Correspondence - My Magic Place Shop

Candle Color Correspondence

Candle magic is a popular form of spellwork that can be used for a variety of purposes. While the specific colors of candles used in spells vary depending on tradition and personal preference, there are some general correspondences that are often used.


Red candles are associated with passion, energy, and strength. They can be used in spells related to love, courage, and success.

 Pink candles they can help attract romantic love, improve friendship, and help with self-love! That’s because they’re connected with Venus, the goddess of love.

Orange candles represent creativity and enthusiasm. They can be used in spells related to inspiration, motivation, and change.


Yellow candles signify joy, happiness, and intellect. They can be used in spells related to knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.


Green candles are associated with prosperity, abundance, and fertility. They can be used in spellwork for goals related to these areas.


White candles are associated with purity, innocence, and new beginnings. They can be used in spellwork for goals related to these areas.


Purple candles are associated with power, protection, and spirituality. They can be used in spellwork for goals related to these areas.


Blue candles are associated with peace, calm, and relaxation. They can be used in spellwork for goals related to these areas.


Black candles are associated with banishing negativity and absorbing negative energy. They can be used in spellwork for goals related to these areas.


Candle color correspondence is just one tool that can be utilized in spellwork. It is important to choose the color of candle that best suits your needs and goals. Always use your intuition when choosing the right candle for your spell.


Wax Reading


Wax reading is a type of divination that uses melted wax to interpret the future. The shapes and patterns formed by the wax can be used to symbolically represent different aspects of a person's life. Wax reading can be used to answer specific questions or to gain general insights about a person's future.


To perform a wax reading, you will need a candle, a heat-safe dish, and something to write with. Begin by melting the candle wax in the dish. Once the wax is melted, hold the dish in your non-dominant hand and allow the wax to cool slightly. While the wax is cooling, focus on your question or intention for the reading.


When the wax has cooled enough to touch, dip your dominant hand in the wax and then quickly remove it. The shape formed by the wax on your hand can be interpreted symbolically. For example, a heart shape might represent love or a new relationship, while a circle might represent completion or fullness.


Once you have interpreted the shapes formed by the wax, you can then begin to read the individual lines and markings within the shapes. These lines and markings can offer additional insights and information about the question or intention you focused on before beginning the reading.


Wax readings can be performed for any purpose, but they are especially well-suited for questions related to love, relationships, career, and family. If you are performing a reading for someone else, be sure to get their permission first. Wax readings can be very powerful and should be treated with respect.


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